The Legend of Kokopelli

Kokopelli is a legendary figure found all through the Southwest. He’s on pottery, on jewelry, on carvings. He is basically a Navajo spirit god. In today’s modern merchandising, he represents fertility.

That sells much better than an old Navajo story told to me by a medicine man. He said that when they lived inside Mother Earth (The Navajos believed everything lived inside the Earth), they sent Kokopelli out as a spirit god to see what the face of the Earth was like. He returned and told them that he thought it was a good place to move to and live. So, with some of the old Navajo people, he’s attributed to bringing them to live on the face of the Earth.

Kokopelli is sometimes called the crippled flutist, the flute player, the dancer. There’s all different names for him, but it all boils down to the same fella’. He has a flute and a bag of gifts. We have him on jewelry on pottery, on carvings, and pendants. Kokopelli is probably the most revered and the most recognized guy in the Southwest.

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