The Magic of The Dreamcatcher

Aren’t dream catchers mesmerizing? Most all Native American tribes have used dream catchers over the course of history. All of our dreamcatchers at Southwest Trading Post are hand made in an intricate way by Native American artists.

In modern times, dream catchers are used to hang in the bedroom, over your bed or at the window.  In Native American lore, the way they work is, dreams come through at night and they go through the web.

The good dreams come through the holes to reach you. The bad dreams get caught in the web and stay on the prayer beads. In the morning light, the bad dreams evaporate out of the prayer beads and are lost.

If you have any questions about our dream catchers, or you’d like to hear more Native American stories, come on over to Southwest Trading Post in person or call us at 610-584-2774.